Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Portable Basketball Systems - Information

The great thing about Portable Basketball Systems is the prospect of playing basketball in the comfort and familiar settings of your driveway or backyard. You won't need to travel very far to get that exciting workout and feed your competitive drive if you don't have to walk off your property. But convenience is just one of the many positive attributes of portable basketball systems. Not only do they allow you to work on your skills on a daily basis to stay sharp, but they also give you a great workout and bring your family or friends closer together.

There are many different kinds of portable basketball systems, they come in all shapes and sizes and seemingly all price ranges as well. It can be overwhelming shopping for a new system whether your a dad who wants to play ball with his kids, or a seasoned player who wants to keep his or her skills sharp. It always helps having a great, knowledgeable resource where you can educate yourself and be sure you are making the correct decision on which portable basketball system to purchase.

Here are some main points you may want to address while trying to pick out the right system: which type of pole to buy, which type of backboard to buy, and whether you need an adjustment system.

Which type of Pole? - This one is primarily based on the situation and level of funding. In most sporting stores, portable basketball systems come stock with round poles, but if you ever have the option for square poles we highly recommend to take that route. They provide a lot more stability for rebound and dunking.

Which type of Backboard? - Backboard mainly come in two shapes, fan shaped and rectangular shaped. From past experience and a little bit of research, we have come to the conclusion that rectangular is the only way to go. While fan shaped backboards look more customized, they make for an extremely difficult bank shot. Also, when given the choice, choose polycarbonate backboards or acrylic, as they are more durable and will last a lot longer.

Do I need an Adjustment System? - This is really personal preference. I you have younger kids, then I would say yes, because than they will be able to slowly work there way up through the distances without getting too frustrated. However, adjustment systems tend to be more expensive, so I would also say if you feel you won't need one, then don't bother.

All in all, only positive things can come from investing in portable basketball systems! They can bring more joy into your life because competition and exercise have never been so fun!

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